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How do I apply for a course?

Contact your local Centre.  Registrations days are held each September where you can find information on these courses.

Register on

To register you need to have a PPS Number

To apply for a course on you need to do the following

Have access to an email address

Open up

Go to register button, this will take you to a registration page.  Fill in your details including your email

You will then receive an email from  There will be a link on your email.  Click into this link to confirm your email

Then re-open  Sign in and fill in the details on this form.  Save as you fill in each section.

Once you have the details entered click into course finder

If you don’t have the code for the course click into the location e.g. Moyross Limerick and enter a keyword e.g. pilates.  This will then detail the course you want.  Click into apply now.

e.g. it is important to tick the data protection box

You can sign into your account at any time to check your applications

Non-certIfied courses – places are allocated to people from the local community and if there are vacancies courses are offered to others.

QQI Certified Courses (Back to Education Initiative)

Contact your local Centre.  Fill in an application form.  Learners are invited to take part in an assessment to identify supports they may need.

Adult Literacy Service

Please phone 061-445700 and we will meet you to discuss your needs and the most suitable option, either 1:1 or a small group


How much does it cost?

Local centres charge €2-€3 per class to cover administration costs


How long do the courses last?

Community education programmes are offered as short courses of 6 -10 weeks.  Taster workshops are also offiered.

Adult Literacy courses are offered as short courses of 6 weeks or at certified Level 2 which would run for ten to 15 weeks

Certified programmes can vary from 15 weeks for a level 3 to 20 weeks for a level 4,5,6


How many modules do I need to gain a major award

L5 & L6 you need 120 credits (generally each module is 15 credits) so you would do 8 modules to complete a L5 or L6

L3  you need 60 credits (generally each module is 10 credits)

L4  you need 90 credits, (generally each module is 10- 15 credits depending on the module)

I have completed FETAC modules, can I use those as credits towards a major award

QQI is the new awarding body which has replaced FETAC. New Awards have been developed in the past number of years.  These new awards have replaced all old awards previously awarded under QQI. 

In order to get credit for these awards learners must inform centres and show evidence of certs which they have completed.

From 2016 on there is a time limit of 5 years on gaining an exemption for an old award. e.g. if you are applying for a major award in Sept 2017 then only certs dated after Sept 2012 will be accepted for exemption. For those applying in 2018, 2013 is the cut off period.

For Non-QQI certs including ECDL, CACHE, Mos etc.  the same time limit will apply from 2016

Holders of Higher Education major awards at Level 6 – 10 on NFQ are entitled to an exemption for

Level 5 communications – time limit of 5 years applies

If you are unsure of your entitlement to an exemption please contact your centre co-ordinator

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