What is the self-portrait project?

This is Citywide project for Community Education leaners which will be brought together as a public exhibition/gallery of images during the Lifelong Learning Festival in May 2021.

The purpose of the project is to keep learners connected with Community Education and with each other during Covid-19 by getting involved in a citywide project. 

The Self-portrait project encompasses the essence of community education, where collaboration took place between the LCETB and community education providers across the city. The initiative enabled those who had previously been in community-based classes to continue their involvement in a supportive and inclusive manner. 

Community education classes not only provide a means of learning, but enable members of the community to socialize and feel connected through their involvement; this in turn, empowers learners through their investment in their community-based education. These past 12 months have allowed many of us time to reflect and look at how we engage with our community and our environment. 


This project is an extension of the self-reflection, giving learners the opportunity to reengage with their tutors and fellow learners to create something that connects all involved across the city. This exhibition gives the opportunity to showcase the quality of work and creativity coming from community education participants while supported by experienced LCETB tutors. This exhibition may well be the catalyst for many to engage or reengage in community-based adult education. The exhibition displays the array of artistic disciplines available in community settings across the city such as Painting, Mosaic, Wood carving, Pyrography, Needlework and Mono-printing

NB: For mobile please use following link:   https://www.emaze.com/@AOTZZCRFQ/self-portraits